Tax Evasion

Tax evasion encompasses an array of practices deemed fraudulent by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Said practices can be as simple as failing to file or as complex as structuring and money laundering. Creating strong defenses against tax crime charges requires careful legal interpretation. Visit our Fraudulent Practices page to learn more about illegal tax schemes.

An individual can be convicted on charges of tax evasion simply for underreporting so anyone thinking that they can fool the IRS would need to re-think their tax filing strategy.

Even if you pay a portion of the due taxes, you can be charged with a tax crime.¬† Tax evasion is a felony, regardless of how much or how little is owed to the government. Below, you’ll find more helpful articles concerning different facets of tax evasion:

  1. Tax Avoidance
  2. Tax Evasion and Defenses
  3. Penalties and Prosecution for Tax Evasion
  4. The Law and Prosecution
  5. Tax Evasion Totals and Current News

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