Misrepresentation of Workforce

The misrepresentation of workforce is when an employer deliberately misrepresents either how an employee is classified or how much time an employee has worked.  Workforce misrepresentation is considered fraudulent misrepresentation.

Examples of fraudulent misrepresentation would include reclassifying skilled labor as unskilled, or altering the number of hours a work force actually performed, or by claiming a workforce is smaller in number than is actually reported.   In a nutshell, misrepresentation is a false statement of fact and also a form of tax evasion

Employers who misrepresent their workforce to the IRS face severe criminal sanctions, including imprisonment, heavy fines, and possible repayment of taxes withheld.  A tax crime attorney can help resolve any and all criminal charges against you so if you believe you may be in trouble, contact the attorneys at The Parkman Blanch Law Firm.

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